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North American
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North American
SSB Sprint

NA SSB Sprint Logging Software Compatibility

At one point, the SSB Sprint had different multipliers than other Sprint contests, but fortunately now ALL NA Sprint and NAQP Contests have the SAME multipliers, so logging software compatibility issues are mostly a thing of the past. We’ve kept this list of logging software compatibility information anyway.

If you have any additional information or corrections to share with us, please contact us right away!

See you in the contest!!


UPDATE JAN 30, 2017:  We have emailed 9A5K about fixing support for the NA SSB Sprint contest, by editing the multipler list to merge NF and LB into NL, and are waiting to hear back.  When we do, we will post more information here. Website:

N1MM Classic

N1MM Classic Website:

Since N1MM Classic is deprecated / no longer supported, it will not be updated to properly score the new multipliers.

We highly recommend you upgrade to the new N1MM Logger Plus, as the version released on Jan 28. 2015 fully supports the NA SSB Sprint!

If you still want to use N1MM Classic, we believe you can do it, but we are still researching how this would work, exactly.  If you can help us expand this FAQ to tell others how they can still use N1MM Classic for this contest, we’d really appreciate the help.  Just use our Contact Us form.

N1MM Logger Plus (N1MM+)

UPDATE JAN 30, 2017:  We have emailed N4ZR to ask if he can help us with fixing support for the NA SSB Sprint contest, by editing the multipler list to merge NF and LB into NL, and are waiting to hear back.  When we do, we will post more information here.

Meanwhile, here is the old information we had on N1MM Logger Plus:

N1MM Logger Plus website:

NOTE:  The contest is listed as “SprintSSB”

NOTE: You must put in the prefix for DX entities.. e.g.. when logging Puerto Rico, you must enter KP4, not PR. When logging USVI, you must enter KP2, not VI.

If you have further information to share about N1MM+ in SSB Sprint, please let us know.

N3FJP Contest Log

UPDATE JAN 31, 2017: N3FJP’s Contest Log for NA SSB Sprint has the new multiplier update ready to go (merged NB and LB into NL).

ORIGINAL 2015 ANNOUNCEMENT: Scott Davis N3FJP has actually created a brand new logging program, just for the NA SSB Sprint!!  Below is an email from Scott with more details, plus some screen shots:

TIP: You must enter in the two-letter abbreviation and not the callsign prefix.  For example, when you work British Columbia, you should enter BC and not VE7.

From: Scott Davis N3FJP
Sent: Fri, Jan 30, 2015 6:23 am
Subject: NA Sprint SSB Contest Log 1.0 is Now Available & Kudos!

Hi All,

NA Sprint SSB Contest Log 1.0 is Now Available!

Just in time for tomorrow’s contest, NA Sprint SSB Contest Log 1.0 is now available!   As I detailed on  Wednesday , NCJ has dropped support for the SSB version of NA Sprint and a new group has taken over its support.  The new group made significant, last minute rule changes  that only firmed up on Wednesday, requiring me to write an entirely new program to support their SSB version of the contest .  You’ll find complete details on the new contest here:
As always, additional programs I add to the N3FJP Software package are always free to package subscribers.  In addition, this program is also free to those that have previously registered my existing NA Sprint software.  Just use the same password for either the new NA Sprint SSB version or the existing CW / RTTY version.  You can download the software here:

Kudos to Contest Supporters / Developers & Encouragement for More!
I’d like to commend the NA SSB Sprint group for their efforts and encourage everyone, (individuals and clubs) to brainstorm and implement fun, engaging Amateur Radio operating events.  If you’ve tuned in on a contest weekend or payed attention to the success of last year’s 365 day ARRL Centennial QSO party, you know that an engaging, well crafted set of challenges is tremendous fun and a big part of what makes Amateur Radio thrive.
A few of us here are working on a year long, State / County QSO Party contest ( ), but there are many other possibilities too!  In an upcoming club meeting, schedule some time to brainstorm some Amateur Radio challenges with your group and craft some rules around your ideas.  It could be a few hour sprint, a weekend contest or a year long event.  It could be something that only your club membership pursues or it could become even more popular than the Centennial QSO Party!  Imagine the possibilities and make it happen!
And in response to the questions we always receive when we neglect to include the following in our e-mail announcements…
Package Upgrade Information…   
If you have registered one or more individual programs and would like to upgrade to N3FJP’s Software Package or N3FJP’s Software Package and CD for full use of all our Amateur Radio software, we would be glad to apply the amount that you have registered so far as a credit towards that purchase. Please send us an e-mail directly and we’ll let you know your balance.
N3FJP’s Software Package includes approximately 80 programs for contesting, net management, general logging and other Amateur Radio related applications. In addition to full use of all these programs, registered package customers are also entitled to receive free passwords for any new software that is added to the package and free upgrades to existing programs. You’ll find all the details on the Register Now page here:
Donations are Gratefully Accepted!
And in response to the often asked question for which Kimberly and I are very grateful…
“I know your upgrades are free, but I also realize how much time and effort coding these enhancements and new programs take and that your pricing policy doesn’t fully reflect that. Can I send you something to show my appreciation for your continued efforts?”   
Yes, thanks so much, your continued support in any amount is very welcome and deeply appreciated! You can use this page:
or send your contribution by mail, payable to Affirmatech Inc., to:
G. Scott Davis
118 Glenwood Road
Bel Air, MD 21014-5533  
Thank you so much for your continued support!  
As always, thanks for your kind words, support, linking to our web site and spreading the word about our software. Kimberly and I really appreciate it!
7 3, Scott
Serving the Amateur Radio community with contesting and general logging software since 1997.  
1 Peter 3 vs 15:  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect… 

Screen Shots:

Click to enlarge


RUMLogNG for MacOS

Charles K6CES informs us of the following:

For MacOS users, RUMLogNG version 5.0 was updated to handle the North American SSB Sprint. or on the Mac App Store for those that want to download from Apple directly:

The application shows the contest as ‘North American Sprint’. When creating the contest log, it specifically states to log the contact with serial number, name, and state separated by a space.

TR4W - TR for Windows

UPDATE: FEB 1, 2017

TR4W version 4.56 supports the SSB Sprint with the new April 2017 multipler changes!  Release 4.56 may be downloaded from

Thanks to Howie N4AF for his quick assistance with the update!


UPDATE FEB 1, 2017

The following tip comes from Tree N6TR:

There are a few commands you can add to your config file to update the multiplier lists for TR Log to make it consistent with the new multipliers announced for the NCJ Sprint contests. Here are the items you will need to add. It is best to put these at the end of your config file – or at least – for sure – after the CONTEST statement.

First off – you will need to add KH6 to the list of domestic multipliers. This can be done with:


The second step is to change the name of the domestic filename from the default of S49P8.DOM (which gets setup automatically by the CONTEST statement) to the file SPRINT.DOM.


Now – the only issue left is that you do not have a SPRINT.DOM file. You can download it in a zip file you have to unzip: SPRINT.ZIP or I can send you one by return email if you like. You can also generate your own by following these steps:

1. Open up a DOS prompt.
2. Get into the directory where you have the TR Log files.

Using a text editor – open up SPRINT.DOM and find the two entries for NF and LB. You will need to combine these two into one line to look like this:

NfLb = NfLb, VO1, VO2, NF, LAB, LB

Make sure you then delete the two lines for NF and LB.

Note that the remaining display order has all of the Canadian multipliers grouped near the end of the list. If you want to change how this looks – you can move them around in your SPRINT.DOM file.

If you have any issues or problems with these changes – please let me know.

73 Tree N6TR



From: Laurent HAAS – F6FVY
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 14:40:21 +0100

I just pushed a dev / nightly version with this new mult list. And it’s very likely a newer official release (which will include this mod as well) will be available before the next contest (April 2, 2017).


Larry – F6FVY (co-author of Win-Test with Olivier F5MZN)


FROM: Wayne, W5XD
DATE: Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 9:19 AM

Effective immediately, the online version of WriteLog’s multiplier lists for its “North American Sprint” for CW, RTTY, and SSB are updated.

Instructions for WriteLog users to update their multiplier lists are here:

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