North American
SSB Sprint Contest
Next SSB Sprint Contest:
Nov 12, 2017 0000-0359 UTC
North American
SSB Sprint Contest
North American
SSB Sprint

Next SSB Sprint has been RESCHEDULED to Nov 12, 2017!

The North American SSB Sprint contest, originally scheduled for October 1, has been rescheduled to November 12. "Our thoughts and wishes for an effective and orderly recovery from the recent weather events in the Caribbean and southern US, and the earthquake activity in Mexico have prompted us to reschedule the Oct 1st NA SSB Sprint Contest" according to Bob Hayes, KW8N, NA SSB Sprint Committee Chairman. "As much as many enjoy this contest and were looking forward to participating in it this weekend, it is necessary and appropriate to give wide berth to the health and welfare communications now taking place on the Amateur Bands. We encourage all Amateur Radio operators to assist or donate to the recovery efforts through appropriate aid organizations."


Thanks to our generous sponsors, our expenses in running the NA SSB Sprint contest have been mostly covered. Our current need is money to pay for Postage and Envelopes, so that we can ship the Plaques and T-Shirts to our winners.

If you can help chip in a few bucks to help cover our postage expenses, we’d be very grateful. We are not a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is not tax deductible. But we WILL list you here our website as a cash contributor, as a small thank you (you can also choose to remain anonymous).

Donate by Mail:

Make Check payable to: Robert Hayes
Put “SSB Sprint” in memo line
Mail to:

SSB Sprint Committee
c/o Bob Hayes, KW8N
9192 Bender Rd.
N Ridgeville, OH  44039-3510

Donate Online via PayPal or Credit Card:

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Thanks to the following supporters for their cash donations!

AE6Y – Andrew Faber
K5NZ – Mike Hance
K5WA – Bob Evans
K6LRN – Richard Wilson
K6MR – Ken Beals
K7SS – Danny Eskenazi
K9DRP – Don Pine
KA9FOX – Scott Neader
KB7XL – Thomas Rees
KK7YC – Ronnie Burnett
KT0A – Gary Slagel
KW8N – Bob Hayes
KX4VU – Bob Eison
N8FYL – John Huber
NC7M – Marc Willis
NF4A – Charlie Wooten
NL7CO – Don Ross
NR6AM – Frances Nievera
NW2K – Dean Faklis
NW8U – John Shafferman
NX9T – Jeff Keller
VE3YT – Vic DiCiccio
VE4EA – Cary Rubenfeld
W2TT – Ross Lambert
W7FI – Jim Costello
W9NJM – Douglas Totel
WH6YH – Mike Zolno
WI9WI – Jim Fitzpatrick

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